The Western Fjords

Patreksfjordur village

From Hotel Latrabjarg you drive through the small fishing village of Patreksfjordur over a small pass to Talknafjordur and another pass to Arnarfjordur.
Selardalur An interesting place to visit is Selardalur, the home of the odd and remarkable person Gisli Gislason. He lived alone on a farm named Uppsalir almost without any communication with other people. He was famous for living in total harmony with nature, not having to use any money or modern facilities such as electricity, machines or vehicles. Now there are plans to make a museum out of his former home. Another interesting person, Samuel Jonsson who was named "the artist with the child heart" also lived in Selardalur and what is left of his weathered artwork can still been seen and examined there. You drive through the village Bildudalur to visit Selardalur.

The art of nature lasts longer than man made works of art and Dynjandi is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Iceland. It is a short drive from the bottom of Arnarfjordur over a pass to Dynjandi.

Another great place of interest in Arnarfjordur is the Jon Sigurdsson museum at Hrafnseyri, the birthplace of Jon Sigurdsson who was at the forefront of Icelandic battle of independence in the 19th century. The National holiday of Iceland is 17 June. One can say that here is the heart of the Icelandic independence.
Kleifaheidi pass From Dynjandi it is a short drive to back to Vatnsfjordur and Flokalundur, a nice place to rest, and then there is about one hour drive back to Hotel Latrabjarg along Bardastrond and over the Kleifaheidi Pass. The early settler Hrafna Floki settled in Vatnsfjordur but experienced a harsh winter with snow and ice that resulted in loss of his entire stock. He then became angry and named the land Iceland before his departure from the country. Other settlers, Vikings with more survival skills, then came and managed to survive.