The Latrabjarg Area

Látrabjarg marks the western-most part of Europe. It hosts millions of birds and is vital for their survival as it hosts up to 40% of the world population for some species e.g. the Razorbill. It is Europe's largest bird cliff, 14km long and up to 440m high. See The Bird Cliffs.

Raudisandur is also a unique place to visit and you should allocate time to visit this beautiful hidden secret of Iceland. From Hotel Latrabjarg it takes about 20-30 minutes to drive to Raudisandur.

Dynjandi is one of the highlights of the Diamond Circle. It is a must to visit and see with your own eyes. You visit Dynjandi by driving over the Dynjandi pass from the bottom of Arnarfjordur (The direction to Pingeyri and Isafjordur) or from Vatnsfjordur/Flokalundur. After enjoying the beautiful scenery at Dynjandi, you either continue towards Hotel Látrabjarg via Vatnsfjordur and Bardastrond or via Arnarfjordur, Talknafjordur and Patreksfjordur village.

Other places of interest are: Keflavik, Hvalllatrar, Kollsvik, Hnjotur Museum, Selardalur, Hranfseyri museum, Talknafjordur, Arnarfjordur, Bildudalur, Lokinhamrar. You can go fishing, play golf, relax in outdoor spa pools in nearby villages, go horse riding, hiking, enjoy the golden beach, see the midnight sun, and take in the fresh air, clean water and unspoilt nature.